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Honoring Else Christensen

During the first AFA Remembrance of Else Christensen in 2021, members in Canada gathered at the resting place of Else Christensen at the same time that Gythia Anna Plourde gave blot for Else at the event in Wisconsin. Powerful connections were made and Else was honored as she hadn't been in a very long time.

In keeping with this tradition members from around the United States and the world raised a horn, held blot, or honored Else in some way at the same time that Gythia Catie Erickson performed blot here in Wisconsin.

Together with one voice, we have kept the Folkmother's memory alive and assured that she will never be forgotten!

Hail the Folk!

Hail Else Christensen!

Hail the AFA!

Folkbuilder Sara Ault


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