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Hexennacht Ritual - Witan Brandy Callahan

At Hexennacht, my blots tend to focus on the magic of women and gifts to the goddess Freyja. Three “mighty women” are called upon during Blot to bless the Folk with fire and smoke for protection in all realms, material, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Freyja, skilled in seidr, is given our gifts of gratitude and devotion and we ask for her to bless the folk with strength, determination, self-awareness, and skill to let us work our own “magic” in our own lives, in whatever way we can, whether that be through crafting and creating, building our physical and spiritual selves to greatness, or destroying all obstacles in our paths to victory.

Items needed:





A stick to suspend the cauldron

Sand (if using cauldron, fill the bottom of the cauldron with sand)







3 ladies of the folk

Gather your folk and have the women bless the mead. Enter the ritual space in a sunwise motion, forming a circle around the central altar.

“Hail the Holy Æsir, Gods and Goddesses of our Folk! We ask you to join us today as we honor your kin!

Hail the Æsir!

Hail to the Honored Ancestors, Mothers and Fathers as far back as time remembers! We ask you to join your sons and daughters gathered here and witness our devotion!

Hail the Ancestors!

Hail the Friendly Vaetter, spirits of this land and place! We as you to look upon us in worship, see our deeds!

Hail the Vaetter!”

“Freyja! Beautiful goddess of both power and beauty, of strength and love,

We give gifts of ourselves to you!

We give you our devotion, our love, our respect, and our might!

Hail to you, Freyja!

The daughter of Njord,

The wife of Odr,

The sister of Frey,

The mother of Hnoss and Gersemi,

You show us the power of love,

The power of strength,

The power of endurance.

You show us the power of the mothers, of the daughters, of the sisters and of the wives!

You teach us to be better women!

You inspire us to be better men!

Folk, prepare your gifts for Freyja. From your heart to your hand, and from your hand to the horn, give the best and brightest of yourselves to her.”

Ask your hornbearer to collect the gifts of the Folk

“Freyja! The horn is heavy with the gifts of your Folk.

If you find them worthy, take them from us now.”

Hold the horn high and await the acceptance of Freyja.

Pour the gifts into the bowl.

Refill the horn.

“Freyja, we have given you our gifts and we ask that if you find these folk worthy, bless us with gifts of your own.

We ask you to bless us with strength and will,

The ability to find our own power within,

To overcome and to achieve our goals.

Let us find that spark within ourselves, our own “magic”, our own gifts and talents.

Hail Freyja!”

Receive the gifts of Freyja. Walk the horn around the circle of gathered folk and offer them the gifts of Freyja.

Pour remaining mead from the horn in the bowl.

Light the charcoal disc and place on top of the sand in the cauldron.

“Hexennacht, in days of old, was the time of movement and preparation, of both folk and animals.

A time of transition and of magic.

Our folk gathered, men and women, young and old, in celebration.

As the herds and menfolk who tended them went out to pasture, they were blessed for protection and strength, and for a safe return.

Fires were tended, celebration made, and prayers spoken.

The magic of the Folk, was sent with the men and the herds.

They were sent with hope. They were sent with song, dance, blessings, and joy for the future.

As in days of olde, our women will bless you now.

Though you may not be tending the herds, remember you are tending your families, and leading your Folk to victory.”

Motion your first assistant to come forward. She will place the lavender on top of the charcoal.

“The first woman approaches,

With the devotion of a daughter,

With the love of a sister,

And with the compassion of a friend,

She lends herself to the Folk.

To bless you and to remind you that you are loved and never alone.”

The first assistant should take her place at one end of the stick if a cauldron is being used.

Motion the second assistant to come forward. She will place the rosemary on top of the charcoal.

“The second woman approaches,

With the support of a wife,

With the protection of a mother,

And with the strength of an aunt,

She lends herself to the Folk.

To bless you and to remind you that you will always be protected and supported.”

The second assistant should take her place at the other end of the stick if a cauldron is being used.

Motion for the third assistant to come forward. She will place the mugwort on top of the charcoal.

“The third woman approaches,

With the wisdom of the grandmother,

With the memories of the great-grandmother,

And with the ancient knowledge of the Disir.

She lends herself to the Folk,

To bless you and to remind you of your own immortality”

The third assistant should take the fan. All three women should move together around the circle, blessing the folk with the smoke from the cauldron.

“May the Gods and the Ancestors bless you with strength!

With love!

With protection!

With victory!”

After the blessing is completed, close the blot.

“This blot has ended.

We have given our gifts and received gifts in return.

Take the blessings of Freyja and the blessings of your women.

Go forward with passion, with strength, and achieve the victory that awaits you!

Hail the Gods!

Hail the Folk!!

Hail the AFA!!!”

Witan Brandy Callahan


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