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From Preparation into Action

If you were at Charming of the Plow at Njörðshof, then you heard me say during the Freyr Blot that now was the time of the year to prepare for what lies ahead. I reminded you all that preparation is the hallmark of success, and that laying the proper foundation for Victory is stacking the deck in your favor. So now what?

Now, we’re moving into the time of the year where the rubber meets the road, when we have to begin implementing those plans and putting in the work in order to reap the success and glory that we are honor-bound to always seek. As Aryan men and women, that internal drive to work our will on this ‘middle enclosure’ is strong and when honed and aimed properly it is unstoppable. So how do we do that?

As always, when confronted with such a question, my first thought is “what did my ancestors do?” They did all the things that I implored all of you to do at Charming of the Plow: they devised a plan, they gathered all they needed to carry out the plan, and then they worked the plan. They also turned to their folk when there were setbacks, when the plan seemed in danger of failing, or when it was plainly obvious that they needed help. How can we be more like them?

We can best emulate our ancestors by looking back on their best practices and incorporating them into our own daily lives. Best practices like discipline, consistency, and courage. The best among them never sat around and waited for the world to come to them or for things to be handed to them, they put in the work and reaped the reward. They didn’t wait for a Golden Age to come along due to someone else’s toil and struggle, just so they could set back and enjoy the fruits of another’s labor, and neither should we. So how do we do all of this?

It takes courage to get off the couch, to commit to making yourself better. It takes discipline to do the right thing or the thing that needs to be done, which if done often enough, becomes consistency. As Witan Young reminds us, we are on the precipice of our Golden Age, and it will take all of us being courageous, disciplined and consistent to usher it in. WE are in control of this, no one else.

So, as we move from the time of preparation for the year into the time of action, let us all look towards the dawning of our Golden Age. Let us all rise to the occasion, whatever that may be in our lives, just as Ostara, Goddess of the Dawn, raises her warming light upon the world every Spring. Let us all have the courage to return fully to the Folk, the discipline to do the work necessary no matter what obstacles may come, and the consistency needed for each of us to do our part for our future.

Hail Ostara!

Hail Victory!

Hail the AFA!

Gothi Bodi Mayo


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