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Frigga's Secret Garden

Grimm’s fairy tales, as well as the classic book by Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden, taught me as a child that some gardens come with surprises and strange enigmas. Our “garden” at Óðinshof is a bit wild and overgrown, but it’s still our special place. And it comes with gifts, as we learned at Family Camp.

The true tale begins…

A young girl, named Madilene, came to Óðinshof with her family. She was already wise in her knowledge of the Gods for her parents had left books of lore by her bedside since she was little. At ten years old, she already knew much about Odin and his wife Frigga.

One afternoon, all of the parents and children filed into the sacred circle beneath the pine trees. They offered Blot to Frigga, led by Gythia McNallen. From heart, to hand, to horn, gifts were given to All-Mother. Upon leaving, it was suggested that each child draw a picture of Frigga’s home. Her garden was the chosen topic.

Gythia McNallen asked, “What gift would you have for Frigga if you could visit her at Fensalir?”

Madilene quickly said she’d bring blue flowers, because Frigg is known to wear blue. Blue flowers… What are some blue flowers?

“How about wild chicory?” said Gythia McNallen. “It’s a wild plant that grows along roadsides, with small, bright, blue flowers.”

Madilene’s mother, Olivia, showed up photos of chicory and everyone agreed it was a good choice. Madeline finished her drawing with chicory flowers. Aaron sketched a long picket fence green plants for Frigga. Both were lovely pictures.

The next morning, tents and sleeping bags were put into cars for long journeys home. Gythia Mc Nallen went outdoors to announce breakfast was almost ready. As she walked around a fence, she was startled by what she saw. There was a large bed of blooming chicory plants!

She ran indoors to share the news. Olivia came outside, and agreed it was quite miraculous. “The children should pick a few flowers for their journals before they leave,” Olivia said.

Breakfast was over and cars were packed. Gythia McNallen and Olivia led the children on the short walk to surprise them with the chicory flowers. But the chicory was gone!

The stems were there, but all of the flowers were missing! Where did they go? Eaten by deer? Noisy children and busy adults would scare away deer. And none of the adults knew how special the flowers were.

So, who took them then? The Landvaeter? Lady Frigga herself? This is just one of the mysteries of Óðinshof, from our own secret garden.

May this tale be passed down for generations to come.

Gythia Sheila McNallen


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