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Folk Futhark - Part Five

Eihwaz -

This rune's stave, although familiar, is not the one used in the Elder Futhark. It is borrowed from the Younger Futhark, but retains its meaning. This is the rune of transition, of closing a book, of death. All of these meanings can be gleaned from viewing this rune as a man, or as Odin, hanging upside down. That hanged man could be a corpse, or it could be the All-Father sacrificing his lower to his Higher Self to take up the runes. In divination, this rune is often viewed as the end of something. It is not always a negative rune, but it's certainly one that carries a bit of weight.

Perthro -

This rune's stave is unchanged from its Elder Futhark counterpart. Many people view this as the rune of the "lot cup", or of luck. However, this is an oversimplification. Perthro is placed between the death rune and the life rune for a reason: it is the womb. Where Eihwaz is an end of a chapter, Perthro is the beginnings of the next chapter. Where Eihwaz is the hanged man, Perthro is the fertile womb ready to bring new life into Midgard. It is potential energy, much like Fehu, but more "alive", for lack of a better word.

Algiz -

One of the most recognizable of our Folk's symbols, this stave is unchanged throughout all of the rune rows. This is the rune of light and life, of connection to the Æsir here on Midgard, of being centered and grounded in both the sacred and the profane. The symbol most closely resembles a man or woman with their arms outstretched towards the heavens, as if they are hailing our Æsir in ritual. This is not a coincidence! The symbol can also be viewed as the gifts of Odin, Vili, & Vé being poured into this new life. Its placement after Perthro is also not a coincidence! Algiz is life and connection and actualization, energy manifest in right action. In divination, this rune is only ever seen as positive. It could mean a new chapter of one's life has begun, or that something or someone will be born into your world, or that you should continue to connect with the Æsir.

Gothi Trent East


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