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Baldrshof Work Day

Lots of warm weather projects in honor of Baldr. Two larger ones have come to completion thanks to a few of our folk. Stian Penner and his amazing creative abilities was asked to produce an outdoor sign for the front of the Hof and without question, he produced. Something was missing from of Baldrshof wolves into an outdoor sign that turned out amazing!

Jessie Shaffer is responsible for the exquisite, 9ft Black sun centered in the sanctuary before Baldr's alter. Hours and hours of labor she put into this image, honoring the gods and Baldr himself to share with our folk. More hours we put in by another one of our members, Jeremy, in the preparation and finishing of the sanctuary floor.

Thank you to all of the hardworking folk that sacrifice their time and efforts for the glory of our gods and folk!

Hail the Gods

Hail the Folk

Hail the AFA

Gothi Nathan Erlandson


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