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Armanen Rune Yoga Supplemental

Previously, we went through what has been called the Sacred 13. With a disciplined daily practice and a good mindset, I know that it can be helpful to anyone who wants to raise their state of being. To be more than just a common man or woman. The Runes help us do just that. Yet beyond that and sometimes hidden in plain sight there are other "paths'' or practices. Often in words or concepts that we all know. One being Irminsul. At first glance we think of the Axis Mundi, the World Pillar where Wotan hung for 9 nights close to death before recovering the Runes. From another perspective the name itself is Runic, Yr Man Sol. We have the 16th Rune of the Armanen Futhorkh or what has been commonly thought of as the Death Rune, Yr. Next is 15, Man and 3rd, number 11 being Sig or Sol, the Victory Rune. If we correspond these to Odin's Rune Song from the Havamal, these Runes go along quite nicely with it. To add, anyone who has a background in the 3 stages of Alchemy, (Black, White, Red) we see a very similar process. Perhaps one in the same. This would also be very similar to ideas from Professor Carl Jung on Individuation where the end result is essentially the Hagal Rune. I won't go into any further details here but "Winning the Runes" may be all of those things. In any case, it is all there for us, in our own way, in this Sacred name.

Now, let's discuss the practice of Yr Man Sol in a Rune Yoga context

  1. Like in any practice, create a sacred space first. This should be done all the time. The main reasons are to guard against contrary forces and at the same time it creates a level of seriousness in you. You are now going to "another place"

  2. Facing North take 5 to 7 breaths in the IS Rune position. Centering yourself and or becoming the magical wand so to speak.

  3. Now take up the YR Rune position like in the picture provided. As you breathe, breathe from your feet upward to your head. Imagine a black divine feminine creative force enveloping you going up your body to your head and back down to the floor as you breathe out.

  4. Hold this position for as long as you can and periodically galdr "IRRRR" in a deep tone.

  5. Once complete, take a few moments to feel the forces in you. Be grateful for it and also send it out into the world, to our people. Think of yourself as the mediator between great forces and the Folk. Hold an image, left hand on the solar plexus and raise your right arm. Left is always receiving and the right is for sending.

  1. Now stand at the center of your circle again, facing North, take up the IS Rune stance followed by 5 to 7 breaths again.

  2. Now Raise your arms upwards in the MAN Rune Position like the picture provided.

  3. As you breathe in, imagine and feel the forces of light, white, consciousness, divine masculine forces enter your hands, head and go down to the floor. As you breathe out it goes back up. A reversal of the YR Rune.

  4. Periodically galdr "MAAAANNNN". I have found starting with almost a hum of the M part, to an actual wording of A, back towards N in a hum works best. This is done in a higher tone. N has a natural descending characteristic so emphasizing that is important for this practice 5. Once complete, similar to step 5 above. Send out the forces etc.

  1. Same as the previous Rune practices. Face North in the IS Rune position. 5 to 7 breaths etc.

  2. Bend down in the position like the picture provided. Note: this is a challenging one to hold for a period of time. There is nothing wrong with standing up back into the IS Rune position, keep breathing and to go back down again when ready.

  3. Imagine as you breathe in the pure power of victory (red) entering your head, down your body to your feet. Like in the previous practices, as you breathe out it goes back out. Periodically galdr "SOOOLLL"

  4. Thoughts should be on nothing but positive ones. Like you have beaten everything within and without. Your force radiates everywhere. The Rune Song here tells us this much. Sol is extremely powerful.

  5. Once done, send out the energy again and Irminsul is complete.

Take some time to listen to yourself. Keep notes of thoughts that come. I've always wondered if it is really my own thoughts that these practices unlock or something far greater. In any case they have much meaning and will guide you. It won't always be right away either. Sometimes a flash of inspiration and or understanding will come when least expected. As far as the imagination or visualization of forces described above you can also try to feel them. Essentially you are using what's been called energy movement (the awakening of the subtle bodies) during Rune Yoga. I would encourage anyone to practice this during their day. Hands and feet are a good place to start. Once you can identify the "feel" you can send it elsewhere (arms, legs, etc.) To finish up, let's discuss the Runes here a little more. I am unsure why the Armanen made YR seem so daunting. I assume maybe because not everyone is supposed to know the mysteries. A common person would be afraid of death and turn the other way. What we are doing isn't for everyone. But what is death really? A transformation to another state. Death or this case black just covers up things that are there. We can think of markers. Black covers it all but it doesn't mean there aren't other ones there. It is just hidden and needs to be extracted. This is the feminine realm. She guides the Hero as he works his way in "matter." By his side helping him find the best in him. Until one day he does just that. He then rises. This rising could be a few things. Finally, everything false or that holds him back is dissolved or from an esoteric standpoint the rising of Kundalini energy. The image of YR does look very much like the spine and the other two channels where this great serpent power lies. Once it does rise, we see MAN, the God Man who has awakened his 3rd eye (Runes also correspond to Chakras). His "state" is different. He can perceive all the "worlds" now. From another standpoint, the dissolution is exactly what is needed to reveal our true selves, that piece of divinity, a confident, Wode filled being. Strangely or not at all, the image of MAN may in this context correspond to the upper spine and nostrils. When the breath is right and working in unison with below, the transfer to SOL takes place. Complete self-realization. Victory everywhere, within and without, all the time. SOL is red and ironically the color of blood. It has been said SOL permeates the cosmos as the blood does in our cosmos, the body. Much of what we need is already in us. The Gods lie there too. Don't forget it. As we can see, Irminsul is also you. You're the Tree and I am too. Thanks for listening. Until next time ᚼ

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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