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Anxiety and Depression

Initially I started writing, “It amazes me how many Asatrurs have symptoms of anxiety or depression.” I was going to relate the topic to other faiths and state, “we don’t see it as much in other communities”, yet as I sat here pondering the topic, I came to the conclusion… The reason we don’t hear a single whisper of illness or hardships from any outside source is because it's hidden. Who wants members strung out, causing a bad scene for their organization… Let's keep our mouths shut and sweep it under the rug.

The AFA of course doesn’t want their members strung out, but this organization DOES care and doesn’t pass judgment on anyone’s condition. That is why we as members are more open and able to talk with one another. No shame, No Judgment…. No Whispers….

Very few know that I myself have fought the great fight! Anxiety sucks, but depression… man isn’t that just a bottomless pit of self-pity. I get it, I do! I have experienced the roughest of days and there were even days when my motivation, my energy was sapped… nonexistent. I could barely keep my eyes open due to pure exhaustion.

Here’s the thing… I never stopped forward progression, I never quit on myself.

Friends and co-workers still have no clue exactly how I felt because I always hid it behind a fake yet realistic smile and oddly enough an upbeat attitude. What to do….

I can’t speak for everyone here; all I can say is I decided to fight back. I forced myself to do things that I turned down constantly… You know it, that BBQ… you just don’t feel like it….

I made myself uncomfortable to become comfortable. I spoke about my triggers. The more I forced myself out of hiding, the more I realized I was becoming happy, I was legit smiling again. Now this didn’t happen overnight, everything we do takes time. You just have to trust yourself and those you call family.

The worst thing any of us can do is give up!!

Sometimes False motivation becomes motivation, sometimes fake smiles become real, and sometimes we create laughter. I have become more myself and more alive.

If any of you ever feel you can't take this on alone remember we are here for you, you have one of the best support systems around. Get in touch with a member you trust, Folk Services or your any Gothi/Gythia.

The struggle is real, the fight hard, but if you have the mental fortitude to take control you can overcome yourself. Have trust in your Folk and Leadership! Stay Strong my family.

Steven Mundy

Apprentice Folkbuilder


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