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Gothi Nathan Erlandson and Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker

My name is Nathan Erlandson, and I’m out of Minnesota. I ama newly ordained Gothar, and Hof and District Manager for Baldrshof. I grew up Catholic, started asking easy questions about it like why does the pope and church leaders have so much money, why do people bow, why have women been treated so poorly, original sin, etc. This was about the age of 12. I've always been a wanderer of sorts, felt very uncomfortable in what I thought was a church, and was more comfortable in a natural environment. It seems I've always felt the gods/esses drawing me back to them, to the true way of things; I just never had names or descriptions to put to it. Looking back, it’s always been there, in my blood, my bones, my DNA. All the virtues I believed in as a young person seemed contrary to what the church said. Turns out those same or similar virtues spoke up when I joined the infantry, further guiding me home. My cells started to come alive it seemed as I got closer. Finally, once I started reading the books then practicing in prison I knew. I knew where I was going. I took an oath I wrote forsaking the false god that has permeated our culture and wholly bringing Asatru into me. In doing so my entire existence changed, the molecules in my body changed, their vibration frequency increasing, my vision changed and suddenly the gods and my ancestors spoke to me. That point forward my life changed, everything started falling into place, I wasn't lost anymore, I was alive, more than I'd ever been. That was four years ago at a Sigrblót. I found the AFA shortly after, when meeting Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker, and had the opportunity immediately to help gut out and rebuild Baldrshof. Ever since, I have never felt more at home with my people than I do since joining the AFA! 

My name is Ashley McStocker, and I am a Folkbuilder in the Baldrshof district. My fiancé (Folkbuilder Nathan Erlandson), children, and myself reside in St. Cloud, MN, putting us just over an hour away from Baldrshof. Nathan and I are collectively the Hof Managers under Witan Callahan, and truly enjoy all that we have the privilege of being involved with. I am very passionate about the monthly food pantry. We have private donators, as well as corporate contributors. Because of this, we are able to offer toiletries, dry goods, bread, beverages, and very large amounts of meat to the community of Murdock. We also run additional programs throughout the year, such as the school supply drive in the fall, toy drive over the Yule season, and other fun things to add that every household would enjoy. Nathan and I have 2 toddlers, Tyr, who is 3, and Rowan, who is two. It truly is such an amazing thing to have our children so involved with everything AFA. The community we have is like none other we have known, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! I am looking forward to completing the Nursing program in December of this year, and turn the next page of my career and our little families lives!

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