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Welcome 2024

 Happy New Year and 2024 to all our brothers and sisters, friends and family in the Asatru Folk Assembly.

2023 closes a chapter of our lives and our history. Another year of solid troth with the Æsir and Frith amongst the Folk. As we stop into another bright year of Victory, I wanted to remind each of you that your family is here.

Anyone who has stood in a Wayfarer Blot with me, knows that the closing of the Blot ends with the “Binding of the Folk”. We acknowledge the beauty and worth of our women. We acknowledge the strength and courage of our men. We recognize in each other the web that ties us all together. We are reminded that we are a strong and noble Folk. The words “These are your brothers and sisters. When you succeed, we win with you. When you fall or fail, our hands will reach down to pull you back up” are true and spoken with intent.

We are more than just white Folk we see each other every now and then, who meet in a temple to worship once a month, or who share common belief in our Gods. Your Folk are the solid foundation beneath your feet. We are here in your Victory and we are here in your turmoil.

Isolation in the worst of times may seem necessary, it may seem easier. You may not want to “burden” anyone. You may be embarrassed about needing help or support. But, your Folk are here to support you, to guide you, to help you when you need it. Being a member of the AFA is more than just being a member of a church. Being a member of the AFA means that you are never alone.

Should you ever find yourself in need, our leadership and your Folk are here. Please reach out to any of us, at any time.

Witan Brandy Callahan


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