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Virtue Recovery Meeting - Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker

Many of us have used a traditional 12-step program, but there are certain steps that do not coincide with our belief system. For example, the need to turn your will over to an all-knowing God, or to ask said God to remove any shortcoming. This leaves us to either go through the motions and make it work or, more commonly, feel alienated and as if there is not a program that honors ourselves and our Gods. We must give credit where credit is due and we genuinely respect and appreciate the 12-step programs that have done so much good for so many people yet have the need for an inspired and similar yet completely Asatruar congruent 9-step programs, which are centered around the 9 Noble Virtues. We are able to be a hybrid meeting. This means that some of us meet together, but those who cannot join in with us via zoom! This opens up the ability for anyone to log on and listen, speak or just observe what we are all about! We currently averaging 5-10 attendees! Member Josh Hemmingson and I are very proud of where our meeting has gone and look forward to it growing more and more!

This is the 8th article so we will be looking at the 8th step; “Continue on a daily basis to talk personal inventory, and when we were wrong; admit it. . Noble Virtue: PERSEVERANCE. Having gained the Runes over addiction, I continue to live with meaning as genuinely as I can, day to day, always remembering that wisdom, not lived in a sword not drawn.

This Virtue in particular is something that is an absolute cornerstone to recovery and living a virtuous life. Coming back into real life after being on a path of destruction is difficult, it also takes time for things to fall into place. To earn the trust back of our folk and families, to build up our finances, to re-establish our lives…. There are times when it may seem easier to go back to the land of no responsibilities. Where you can’t be let down by yourself or anyone else because you saw it coming. This is where the perseverance comes in, staying at it because this life we’re building is great and we can feel our souls inflating with light. Even on the hardest day on the virtuous path, it has not been, nor will it ever, worth giving up our connections, folk, oaths, and Gods.

Meetings every Thursday at 7pmCST and Saturdays at 9amCST.

If you would like the link information, please contact Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker at! Anyone is welcome to join!

Folkbuilder Ashley Mcstocker


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