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Victory - Folkbuilder Timmy Dumas

There is a strange mindset I have encountered within our circles, a mindset of defeatism. Victim mentality is disgusting. Taking the black pill does exactly what for our people? “Things are bad so I’m going to be miserable and worthless”. What a very effective and noble strategy (insert sarcasm face). Taking the black pill takes zero effort, it’s not only lazy but the cowards’ way out.

Our people were masters of this planet because they plain did stuff. They worked, and they worked hard, and they kept working and tried to our work the next person. Not everyone has the same attributes, but villages aren’t made of all bakers or all mechanics. A community functions well with everyone doing their part to the best of their ability and encouraging their Folk to do their best. Use your passions to benefit your family and your Folk. Better yet, try to do things you don’t think you’re capable of.

If we want to be what we think we should then we have to just be it. We must DO. No one is going to do it for us. We must roll our own sleeves up and do the hard work, make the hard decisions, and create the world we want. We must believe in ourselves again; we must know we can win. In the end, all noble roads lead to the highest goal, VICTORY!

Folkbuilder Timothy Dumas


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