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Springwinter, or Vårvinter

The month of March is special for Swedes and Finns living in the northern parts of their respective countries. This month, and April to a certain degree, is known as the ''fifth'' season. Yes, we get an extra season, and it is known as ''Vårvinter'' in Swedish. Springwinter!

Up here, the snow is still deep, and the nights are cold. But the sun is shining long into the evening, and people are able to enjoy temperatures above freezing during the day. It is the time of year when outside almost makes you blind, as the rays of the sun reflect off the snow-covered landscape.

Not only man can help but feel that spring is coming. Birds end their long winter silence and begin to chirp merrily. Dogs and cats lay outside next to the walls where the heat is focused. And the first birds that migrate in fall start to appear again, the swans, who seek out open water in rivers not frozen and lakes blessed with cold springs that stay open year-round.

This is also the time we experience ''April-weather'', which is weather that changes within minutes. One minute you'll have sunshine, the next one you'll have heavy snowfall or even hailstorms. And then, the sun appears again in full force.

This season people spend a lot of time outdoors. Having a fire and grilling sausages out on the ice whilst you ice fish is a classic activity much beloved by young and old.

Hail Ostara!

Hail the Folk!

Hail The AFA!

Erik Lugnet

Apprentice Folkbuilder



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