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Spotlight - Folkbuilder Cormag Jaime Alainn

This month, I would like to take a moment to recognize a bright light in the Asatru Folk Assembly and in Baldrshof District, Folkbuilder Cormag Jaime Alainn.

Folkbuilder Alainn took his Folkbuilder oath in 2022 and has been a huge asset and pillar of support since he began his apprenticeship in North Dakota in 2021. He serves as the official Baldrshof Historian, keeping records of all of our victories in this district! He is currently serving as our oathed Folkbuilder in North Dakota, building Frith and the folk in his area.

Folkbuilder Alainn has been a driving force behind the beautification of Baldrshof, spending countless weekends on cleaning and grounds work, in addition to supporting our monthly food pantry and helping make each and every event memorable for all.

Known for his wisdom, quick wit, impeccable wardrobe, obsession with epic poetry, incredible culinary skills, and well-timed puns, he is a joy to us all.

“Mr. Cormag Álainn has been a staple at Baldrshof since before the time I joined. I remember meeting him 3 years ago in the basement of Baldrshof while renovations were underway, and I was impressed to see what a humble, chivalrous, and honorable gentleman he was and has continued to be. He has always been a great example of what it means to be Asatru and to myself personally and to live virtuously with honor and distinction. I am proud to count him among my closest friends.” – Apprentice Folkbuilder Christian Penner, North Dakota

“Hail Jaime for all he does for our folk. He is a super respectful, witty man that I see as a role model to many here in the AFA.” – Apprentice Folkbuilder Bruce Perron, Wisconsin

“Jaime, brings such joy to Baldrshof with his infectious smile and witty dad jokes. He does so much at Baldrshof and is always there to lend a hand. He has become a close brother over the last few years. Hail Jaime!” -Folkbuilder Jason Gallagher, Minnesota

Thank you, Folkbuilder Alainn, for your support, loyalty, dedication and the love and commitment to your Folk!

Hail the doers!

Hail Jaime Alainn!

Hail the Asatru Folk Assembly!

Witan Brandy Callahan


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