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Runic Yoga Part 7 OS/OTHIL

"A fourth still I know, when someone throws

my Arms and Legs into Fetters:

as soon as I sing it, I can go forth,

from my Feet fall the fetters,

the hasp falls from my hands."

This Rune song has always spoken to me from the very beginning of me finding my way if you will. I remember very much pondering what that meant and surely understood the feeling of being in "chains" and in some way perhaps I too could break them, whatever they may be. And surely if you have made it this far, devoted to your higher development, thinking only thoughts that are pure in nature… have. Let's begin.

  1. Begin in the IS Rune position and take a minimum of 3 to 7 breaths, moving the energy up and down.

  2. Now form the OTHIL Rune like in the picture provided.

  3. As you breathe in, picture pulling energy up your limbs and shooting though your hands above into the heavens. As you exhale, picture it re-entering your whole being. You'll get the sense of it washing over you and is very similar to the above energy in the IS stance.

  4. Repeat this process for as long as you can.

  5. When done, say some positive affirmations to yourself like for example "I now know the Word, I am free." Or something along those lines. As always they will come to you and your own will have more meaning anyways. Listen for them and when said…. mean it.

Note: There is another variation to the OTHIL rune stance called OS. They are not considered different per say in Armanism. For myself I have always liked OTHIL better for Rune Yoga purposes but that doesn't mean that you will. Explore both and find what works for you.

Last month, I had mentioned that we would be breaking our practice into 3's once we started with OS. Like previously mentioned I very much like keeping IS, KA, MAN, UR, and the Cross Rune together. Obviously that day is a little longer practice so my accessory exercises that day are little. The other 2 days we have NOT, EH, SIG and then TYR, LAF, OS. Since less is being done those days it allows us to focus on other practices/accessory exercises if we desire. But above all else those combinations have a deep significance behind them and go well together.

I would like to give some of my experiences with this particular Rune. Up until that time when I began I was a believer of course. I had felt and received many insights and my world so to speak was much better. But here is where everything changed and I "knew" something outside of myself existed. Call it other Worlds, Vril, Od, the Gods it doesn't really matter but I knew it was there. It All aligned just right at that moment. It's hard to fully explain but whatever entered me that day was a feeling of fear at first "what is happening to me?" and then joy, inspiration like never before soon after. It stayed with me all day and it may still be. I haven't been the same since and it's something I'll never forget. I share this only so that you understand the power of what we are doing here. There are great forces at work that most will never know. Consider ourselves extremely lucky but none of it will ever be without our part, our dedication and sacrifice. We too have to hang on the Tree to reacquire the powers from another place.

To finish up, let's touch on some of the transformation aspects as I see it in this context. Previously we talked about the significance of TYR, the Hero reborn. He has sacrificed and so has She. She has crawled inside his heart, forever within He. He knows his capabilities and is someone else entirely. LAF takes it a step further with the Astral body/world. OS in one way is the resurrection of it. Two SIG Runes together, one physical and one spiritual/astral, the Gemini, the Twin but are really one like in many Aryan Mythologies (Hengist and Horsa, Romulus and Remus etc). The Gemini corresponds to Mercury and of course Wotan. This body is indestructible, cannot be chained and perhaps one of the earliest forms of our Gods and ourselves with our entrance into this universe. In essence the memory of and our heritage in a deeper sense and only we, the Aryans have it. The Hero now is becoming Wotan and can traverse where He wants. The shackles have been lifted. He has reinvented himself once more. We also discussed the play between the masculine and feminine in LAF and how he in some way helps her control emotion. Now the tables turn in OS. As some of us know this Rune has much to do with speech but not in the mundane sense. We want to go further and she provides her capability to receive the Word. The type of speech we are talking about is a direct transmission from these Holy Powers without speech, the Word without words. The Man as we know generally struggles here but not the Woman. Her powers are quite special. She completes the Hero in his quest in this regard. She allows him to hear All Father. With this He is now directed by the Highest and sends these Words outward making change with everyone he comes into contact with. He has become the Wise Leader. With His Queen beside and Him now a King……He now has the right to approach HIM.

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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