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Rite for a New Day

You know those mornings. The issues you were dealing with last night are still with you. Clearly, it's time for a reset. Whether you’re alone or with someone, acknowledge this moment in time and seek correction by “Greeting the Day.”

My husband, Steve, and I do this most mornings. We go outdoors and face Sunna. Daybreak is ideal but not necessary. One of us steps forward to lead the prayer, with feet together, back straight, and arms outstretched in the Elhaz (Algiz) position. We take in the moment, the sounds, the light, and air, the living Earth around us.

Then we both intone the following from the beloved passage from “The Lay of Sigrdrifa,” adding a few arm gestures to better connect us to the words themselves.

Hail to the Day! Hail to the Sons of Day!

Hail to Night and its Daughter.

Gaze on us gently standing here.

Give your blessings on our battles.

Hail to the Gods! Hail to the Goddesses!

Hail to the all-giving Earth!

Wisdom and lore as long as we live, grant us

And healing hands.

And with that, we turn to each other and link our hands in a stadhagaldr pose of Gebo and Ehwaz, rededicating ourselves to each other.

You may want to choose a rune or two, or even “pull” a rune to help you direct your energies during the day. The last line “of healing hands” puts me in the healthy mindset of being there for others, should the need arise.

Such small successes during the day are the gems that we wear within us, and which give strength and purpose. Hail the Day!

Gythia Sheila McNallen


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