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Relentless ᚢ ᛏ ᚲ

At Sigrblot, on the sacred grounds of Sigrheim, in the spot where one day a temple to Týr will rise, the AFA sword was named. The sword has always been a powerful symbol to our Folk. The sword is a storehouse of hamingja and a talisman of victory. This sword will drive us onward relentlessly to victory from this day forward.

Relentless is a M1840 Heavy Confederate Cavalry Saber, the model known as the “Old Wristbreaker” due to its weight. The red sword knot symbolizes passion, the passion that holds this sword fast to the man who wields it. As with all namings, I asked for 3 Runic blessings. On this occasion I asked Lord Týr and his blessings are auspicious indeed; ᚢ, this blade is forged with primal strength, from the primal ore of the earth and the primal yearnings of our soul. ᛏ, blessed by Týr with his own sign, a victory rune that the Valkyrie taught us to carve twice upon blades. ᚲ, the fiery torch of inspiration and the rune that is in sequence to be the Rune for Týrshof!

Hail Relentless! Hail the AFA! Hail Týr!


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