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Progress towards Freyshof

We are making fantastic progress towards our next hof, Freyshof! The biggest hurdle up front has been (and will be with each hof) paying off the loans for the previous hof(Njörðshof). We started in August of 2022 by owing $245,000 in two separate loans. We have paid off the first loan entirely! What is left now is a debt of $105,372.28.... that is a big number but it is massive progress to have whittled it that far down in just 1 year!

I am asking for your help. Anything towards this is much appreciated and gets us closer. To put it in perspective, if each AFA member donated $119.74 this loan would be paid TODAY! Please donate what you can. Please share with folks and encourage them to donate. THANK YOU for all you have done so far!

Hail the Givers!


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