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Our Yule Tradition Mani’s Day

Dec 23rd Mani’s Day: On the 4th day of Yule the calender for the up and coming year’s holidays are marked and planning begins. Making invitations and posts. Marking down other events and birthdays are also done. We also set our calender called ‘ “The Mark” which is a 364 Metonic Solar/Lunar calendar with an intercalendary day 0 which is on Mother’s Night. So all of the weeks remain but the lunar cycles are noted for months and placed upon the 52 week scale to harken the proper timing of celebrations. A Blot to Mani is held that night in honor of the luck giver and time keeper and thanks is given to him for placing us on the correct timing for holy tides. A candle is lit from the Yule candle flame in the name of Moderation and this virtue is meditated upon

Witan Svan Herul


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