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Odin, Vili, Vé: A Closer Look

Odin, Vili, & Vé are typically viewed as the first of the Æsir. They took action to create our world as we know it, ordered in a way that our Folk were able to thrive. They each gave us a gift to make us who we are, setting in motion the countless victories and immeasurable glory that our ancestors attained. Our mind, our body, and our spirit are all owed to these first three among the Æsir.

The gifts of mind, body, and spirit are not all we were given at the dawn of our world. These tangible boons are priceless, of course, but we’ve also been given something more abstract: a roadmap to success in any endeavor.

As with many things, including the deeper lessons in our faith, language and etymology is one of our best tools. Let’s take a look at some meanings found in the names of these Gods.

Odin means “inspiration”, roughly. “Vili” means “will”. Vé means “sacred”.

Before we go further, I want to make clear that I am not suggesting that the Gods are mere archetypes or symbols. The Gods are real, and powerful, and beyond worthy of our devotion.

That being said, the recipe for success is found in this tale.

The “sacred” found in the name Vé can fairly be interpreted as piety and devotion.

The “will” found in the name Vili can be viewed as conscious intent.

And, of course, the “inspiration” found in the All-Father’s name is that relentless drive and ambition that has always made our people stand out in the annals of history!

Piety. Intent. Furious ambition.

These are the three tools needed for Victory in any serious endeavor, and these are the very same tools that the AFA carries on our march to glory in the name of the Gods.

Gothi Trent East


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