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Lawspeaker's Challenge - Memory

Yule is a time for remembrance – remembrance of the simpler times of our childhood as well as the good memories of our families and ancestors. Along with those direct family memories we are taken to recall the memories of the Folksoul, which after all surround us this time of year: Yule trees, holly, garland, mistletoe, and the giving and receiving of presents.

Many of us have extra time off during the Yule season, so this is a good time to work on one of the components of our souls – memory. Memory, along with thought, form, will, and other parts, form the whole (same root word as “holy”) person. So while we have some extra free time we should work to strengthen and expand this part of our soul.

So, this month’s challenge: memorize something challenging. Memorize several stanzas of the Havamal (or the whole thing!). Memorize a long poem that you have always liked. Memorize your grandparents' and great-grandparents’ names back three or four generations. Memorize all 108 names of Wotan. These exercises make you stronger and healthier mentally, and expand and strengthen your soul complex. Be strong, and acquit yourselves well.

Witan Allen Turnage


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