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Gothar Spotlight - Gothi Nathan Erlandson | Minnesota

AFA Folkbuilder Coordinator

Gothar Class of 2023

Ordained August 19, 2023

Mentored by Witan Daniel Young

Nathan Erlandson is a powerhouse of a man. A force of nature. It has been my pleasure getting to know him over the past few years. I was first introduced to Nathan at Winter NIghts 2020, at the insistence of Witan Brandy Callahan. I had just been ordained, and he had just started his own journey into the Gothar Program. He and I hit it off immediately.

It wasn't long after that Gythia Catie Erickson asked if I would mentor him in the Program, to which I said yes. We started off a little rough, but over the following months we began to crack the ice, so to speak. Once we had broken through a few barriers, Nathan began to open up, and for that, I am grateful. Along the way he and I became friends. I am glad to say that he is one of my closest friends. He learned quickly, and what was most enjoyable was that I got to learn from him as well.

Nathan is a leader. He was almost born with it. What separates Nathan is that he leads from the front. Not one to shy away from work, he is often the first one to volunteer and put in the dirty work. From major repairs at Baldrshof, to cutting lawn, to preparing for and planning events at the Hof.

Nathan felt the calling to the Aesir in 2013 and committed to it 2017. Despite being raised Catholic, Nathan had always felt a calling to something more. He served in the US Army from 1998 to 2005, first as a firefighter than as an infantryman. This tells you a lot about what motivates him in life. His willingness to put himself out front to protect and guide those he holds dear.

Nathan joined the Asatru Folk Assembly in 2020, while he was searching for a community to further his own practice, and like most of us, to find fellowship with like-minded Folk. Nearly immediately, he volunteered to Folkbuild for the AFA. At Odinshof in June of 2021, Nathan took his Folkbuilder Oath at Midsummer, and was immediately accepted in the Gothar Program.

At his ordination at Baldrshof during Freyfaxi, Nathan took his Gothar Oath before performing the Freyfaxi Blot. I was unable to be there, but thanks to Witan Brandy I got to see it all through video call. Nathan is also responsible for hosting the AFA's annual Feast of the Einherjar, which he has for the past 3 years.

Recently, he was named the Folkbuilder Coordinator for the AFA. When the idea of naming a coordinator came up, Nathan's name was the only one that came up. We have many amazing Folkbuilders in the AFA, however Nathan was the clear choice. The AFA is better with Nathan in it.

“Gothi Erlandson has been a driving force in Baldrshof District and in the Asatru Folk Assembly. His passion, diligence, and steadfastness are an anchor for his friends, his family, his Folk, and his Church. Thank you, Nathan for all you do to protect and support the people and Folk that you love.”

– Witan Brandy Callahan

“Gothi Nathan Erlandson is a great example of many of our Asatru Virtues. He’s certainly hard-working and industrious, forthright and perseverant. He’s the embodiment of self-reliance—and quite literally such, he was the selected by his peers to be the chosen guest on Victory Never Sleeps on the episode all about it. Gothi Erlandson is a catalyst for right action and forward progress, helping to lead the AFA’s team of Folkbuilders. He’s a strong man, a proud man, and I’m proud to be able to work with him daily.”

– Folkbuilder Nick Rice

“Goði Erlandsson has always been an inspirational person to me, the conduct of his character and strength of his resolve is absolutely something to aspire to. His dedication and steadfast commitment to the AFA is truly remarkable, and the faith he displays in the Aesir marks him as a true leader. The example he sets at Baldrshof makes all of our leadership team very proud to meet the high standards of excellence that he has set for us. Not only is he a great leader, he is also someone who cares deeply about our folk, providing exceptional counsel and advice for those in need. He is organized, coordinated and extremely professional and exemplary Goði.”

– Folkbuilder Stian Penner

“Goði Nate Erlandson is someone who steps into a position 110%, and I can say this because I have personally witnessed it on multiple occasions- helping revive Baldrshof, Folkbuilding, becoming a Goði, being the Folkbuilder Coordinator- just to name a few. As a former US Army Infantryman, he chases his goals with the spirit of a warrior and a dogged determination that reminds us how our Folk shaped the world so many times in our history.”

– Gothi Trent East

Witan Daniel Young


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