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Embracing Change - Folkbuilder Cormag Àlainn

Not too long ago I found myself wandering through a State Park during a thunderstorm. During the calm between the heavy rains and thunderous booms of lightning, I found myself walking alone, alone along the muddy trails. I thought of many things during those hours before the tornadoes began and I was forced to return home. One recurring theme was the thought of change.

All too often change can be devastating, even terrifying. We find ourselves so comfortable in the lives we know and the status quo that we've become accustomed to that the thought of changing anything, even a small thing, can be absolutely terrifying. Yet, is it always a bad thing?

Sometimes we find ourselves affixed by a stasis that has cast itself over our lives. This stasis prevents us from growing, from developing as a person, from gaining wisdom, and even from obtaining the successes we have long sought. This stasis can make us complacent, and cause us to no longer chase our dreams, goals, or ambitions. So why do we stay with it?

Sometimes we may think we have no choice, but we do. We always have a choice. Through our actions and choices, or the actions and choices of others, every situation is made temporary and subject to change. We need not accept situations that make us unhappy or fearful, for it always lay within our power to change it.

Change is an invigorating force. To be removed from our comfort zone and forced to adapt, grow stronger, and learn which can only happen if we embrace change. And not all changes are bad. Sometimes that thing that we fear the most might be the very thing that leads us to the most beautiful part of our lives. Yet we'll never know if we never take the leap.

Perhaps change can sometimes be nothing more than the bridge that spans the gap between the life you live now and the better life that awaits on the other side.

Cormag Àlainn



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