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Baldrshof Membership Meeting 4.27.23

Baldrshof Membership Meeting


Else Christensen - Folkbuilder James Ault

Hexennacht - Folkbuilder Shane Duffy

May Day - Apprentice Ali Clausen

Hexennacht Talk with Witan Svan Herul

Hexennacht herb spell for the herb bundle to protect the folk against night hag's and wolf riding trolls — "Be they wound to witch's bane, In the fire a hag's hate, wains. An Englishman's foot is bushel bound, there a swine's foot will be found. Let the tongue of a toad cover thee and sprinkle thyself with the dew of the sea. A tuft of hair from the old man's head, twined round tight the old wood bed. Valerian turns away the evilest eye, and so too must the nymph's spur die. Lastly Thor's helper must be a strong rod, and on the gray road your prayers, well shod."

1. Rue: witchesbane

2. Plantain: English man's foot

3. Dandelion leaf: Swine's Snout

4. Sage leaf: toads tongue

5. Rosemary sprig: dew of the sea

6. Mugwort: old man

7. Valerian: (name remaining)

8. Spearmint: spur of the nymph

9. Rowan twig: Thor's helper


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