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Armanen Rune Yoga Part 8/ FA

"Weak thinking, weak acting

Lies there, where the masses simmer

Since we walk in the Sun,

It's powers renew us"

Meister Siegfried Adolf Kummer

Above is perhaps one of my favorite quotes. A reminder that we are better than that and to rise above the "lower ones" in this age. To remember who we are, Sons of the Sun. It is a great duty that lies on our shoulders alone. We must walk with the Sun and bring out that Hidden Sun within ourselves and in a way that is what FA will do for us.

We can think of Fa as the center of the Black Sun. The original flame that stands outside of this universe but also the start of it when HE enters. The causeless cause. In our journey so far we have worked our way back. Not so much outside but into ourselves. To awaken that spark once and for all that has been asleep too long. Our confidence has grown and we now do not see a difference between the runes "out there" or the runes "within". We know we are made up of these energies. We are the Runes.

Before going any further we need to clear up a few things. In Armanism, All Father is not Wotan. All Father is the Original One and Wotan came after but is One with the Father. That is due to all his pursuits and winning them. This will hopefully become a little more clear once the Hagal Rune is explained. I want to make this extremely clear though…..Wotan is still our Supreme Guide and God in all of this. Every myth and every lesson He has left us is for us to use. That's why they are there. So that one day his descendants, the right ones at the right time pick them up. Enough said here for now let's move into the actual practice of Fa.

Note: As with all Rune Yoga practices, doing them outside in the direct sunlight, moonlight, or certain days (solstices, new or full moons) will have a greater effect. Fa especially should be practiced in this way. Also it is wise to stay with this Rune practice for at least a month. I would suggest at this point doing Is, Ka, Man, Ur, and Cross one day. Not, Eh, Sig, Tyr the next and Laf, Os, and Fa for day 3.

  1. Stand in the IS rune Stance facing North. Take 5 to 7 deep breaths. Feel the energy entering you from above and below.

  2. Now face the Sun like in the picture provided forming the Fa Rune (similar to Ka but Left arm raised)

  3. In the mind's eye imagine pulling the Sun's energy into yourself as you breathe in. This can be done somewhat aggressively. Imagine it or feel it going down your body, especially to the groin area.

  4. As you breathe out aggressively, picture yourself sending it back to its source, the Sun. This can and will be a little challenging at first. At this point in time we haven't really sent out our energy. It just takes time and practice.

  5. Do this for as long as you can and once complete face North again. I generally like to just think to myself "I am home" or "I am one with HE" or something along those lines.

To add, as we know when we greet the Sun we also are greeting an Age that was lost, the Hidden Sun, the Black Sun. We can imagine it behind the actual Sun. Sometimes in this practice I picture with my eyes closed and the Black Sun above. A green vapor making its way down into me to my hidden Sun in the groin area. What comes out is the same in color. This can be thought of as the Inner Earth where Baldur awaits his return. Maybe in some way we can bring Him out in ourselves. There is some esoteric symbolism here but I hope that this will lead to new thinking on your part.

Another very important practice which in a way correlates to awakening the powers in ourselves is to do the Fa Rune practice at night under the new moon. All the perimeters are the same except the time it takes. 3 seven minute rounds of being in the Fa position. I would suggest keeping your eyes open during this and locked ahead. Essentially, our occult powers are awakening and rising with the Moon as the Hero Prince rises out of the Inner Earth. Try to go right to sleep after this.

To close I would like to discuss some of the transformation aspects as I see it. At this point the creative part of ourselves is revealed. We create our own reality. We are one with the center again or better stated we are the center. Doubt and fear has vanished. We are eternally ARising. We started all of this as an I. We knew we had power within ourselves and took on the search of becoming so that we may return home again, Immortalized. We were separated from HE long ago and are now with HE again. The circle is complete. We always walk with HIM at this stage. We stand outside of it all, viewing the world entirely differently. When we decide to enter, to act, we do it with wisdom as HE would. The God part of ourselves, long in slumber is no more. The Hero is now One with the Father. But there is still more…… ᚼ

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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