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A Message from Our Alsherjargothi

I would like to mention something here that has been weighing on me. The leading cause of death in the Asatru Folk Assembly is, overwhelmingly, suicide. Suicide is killing a shocking number of white men. One reason for this in being overwhelmed with negativity and the hopelessness that this breeds over time. Those of us with a traditional worldview have a tendency to "shine a light" on all the myriad things terribly wrong in the world. We share these things all day and all night. We talk about all the things we don't like until we are out of breath. Sometimes it is the need to get things off our chests. Sometimes it is to expose these things or to wake our folk up. The trouble is that, more often than not, we share an endless flow of negativity to an audience that is all too awake and awake to these things. This focus on negativity is literally killing our young men (and those not so young). More than that, this focus takes our eyes off of goals and victory. We are far better served celebrating what we have instead of mourning what we don't. Life is good. We are doing great things. We are growing. We are winning. We are doing this day by day and year by year. We do this together as a family. Hold your head up and focus on the positive. Always look for opportunities to succeed, seize those opportunities, rejoice and celebrate with deeds and with glory. Be a force to lift your fellows up, keep your spirit high. We build, we achieve, we ascend. Focus on Victory and there is no end to what we can achieve.

Hail the Gods!

Hail the Folk!

Hail the AFA!

Matthew D. Flavel

Alsherjargothi, Asatru Folk Assembly


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