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A Grateful Heart

This article was supposed to cover the third component of the Aryan Soul, but life dictated a slight shift in the regularly scheduled programming for Daniel.

This past Sunday i had a brush with death due to a serious health scare. I was mended quickly and will return ot my full faculties very soon. It was the fast action of my wife and medical professionals that made my being here at all possible. By the skin of my teeth.

Every day from then until my demise is a gift and is borrowed time. Time is our most precious commodity. It's quite literally the only finite commodity. I don't intend to waste any of mine on petty nonsense, and I ask that you all do the same. Every breath we are given is a gift, and the next one could be our last. Don't waste a minute of it on non-productive things or people. Build each other up, call your loved ones. We are all on borrowed time.

Thanks go out to all who comforted my wife and daughter, and sent up prayer to the Noble Aesir, the Loving Asynyur and to the ancestors.

I love you all, and am grateful that my story isn't over.

Witan Daniel Young


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