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Folkbuilder Josh Rapin



It is my distinct honor to stand proudly with the AFA and serve as Folkbuilder for the Baldrshof district here in Wisconsin. 

It's my firmly held belief that the Gods are with us! 

My life has undoubtedly been blessed though building relationships with our Gods. Once a hot headed kid just like many, whom didn't listen nor understand. Eventually, I could no longer deny the presence of the Gods and started paying attention, and only then, my life was lifted from general apathy by our noble values. I thank those Folksouls whom were ever present in my life for not casting me aside and seeing the side of me who did believe in the Gods by some instinct and who wanted so much to be virtuous ! These good Folkmen knew who I was before I did. I thank the Holy Æsir daily for putting me in their path! 

I eventually absorbed through them some truth of our faith and what I perceive as the Gods speaking to me throughout my life. I all at once realized they always had been. I just hadn't been listening.

I've never claimed to be a wise man, but my ancestors—they do call to me, as well yours to you whom may read this!  

Coming home to the AFA was one of the best and clearest choices I've ever made. Some time ago, I had been pondering the decision after the sharp loss of a Kinsman left an Oath made fulfilled, and me wishing for community in like minds. The AFA was the only intelligent choice I knew of, and in speaking with my wife about such as we walked through the Costco store shopping, we all at once were affirmed in our decision-making as we saw some local members were standing right ahead of us with AFA shirts on. I do not believe in so much coincidence, so while I did not bother them in the store, I went home right away, logged onto the Runestone website to find that the man I had seen was a local leader with the AFA! I of course sent him a message right away!!! 

I love our Folk, families, and those who have become Kindred to my family continue honoring the Gods here creating a real community and future together for Asatruar all over the world with the Asatru Folk Assembly!! Alsherjargothi Matthew Flavel is fondly quoted, and I very much believe, "We truly are the church of the Æsir on Midgard!"  


I am overjoyed and humbled to be part of, and contribute to, this continued gift cycle that has been established with our Gods. The Asatru Folk Assembly has been here for me and my family, this a blessed gift, and we will be there for them as well! A Gift for a Gift!! May we forever find ourselves in the favor of the Gods as we are now!!! 

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