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Folkbuilder Melisa Mills



My name is Melisa Mills and I hail from the Show Me State of Missouri.


 I reconnected with the Gods of our blood years ago through a love of reading and a passion for knowledge of the origins of religions. I found a renewal of bonds to my ancestors at the ancestral altar in my home. I discovered the home of our Folk here in the AFA. It has been one of the greatest privileges in my life to serve the Folk as an AFA Folkbuilder. 


I am also the caretaker of our store, and I print most of our apparel in the store. I also do custom orders for kindred and individual apparel. Please reach out to me with any inquiries via email at 


 I run the  AFA Lore Study group with help from Folkbuilder Sara Ault, and we have Gothi Jason Plourde who joins us to help answer questions every Tuesday at 7:30 pm CST. Reach out to me by text or on our social media platform of choice MEWE if you would like to be added to the Lore Study group.


I and a group of fantastic women in leadership have a group for women fitness. We run challenges and help to encourage and share information with each other in the pursuit of being better individuals, better wives, better mothers, and better members of our community. Our women are thriving there! Reach out to be added to the group if you are an AFA Lady and are not already in there.


I always enjoy speaking with our Folk and my preferred means of communication is a phone call, followed by text. I am "old school" like that.  

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