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Folkbuilder Jim Cummings



My name is Jim Cummings. I currently live in northern Illinois, about 10 miles from the Wisconsin border, on a small farm. I did live most of my life in the City of Chicago, but left as the quality of life continued to erode. I have always, since childhood, had a fascination with the lore and myths of our people. They called to me – or, more precisely, our Gods did. In the pre-internet days, I discovered the Odinic Rite, and began a written correspondence with one of their representatives in England (I can't remember their name to tell you), but, because of the tenuous connection, and no local organization, that petered out. About five years ago, I became aware of the AFA, traveled to my first moot in Columbus, Ohio, and followed that up with camping get-togethers in Tippecanoe, Indiana. Over time, I became a local (state) "representative" for the AFA in Illinois, then Apprentice Folkbuilder, and finally Oathed Folkbuilder. I am one of the founding members of Illinois's first Kindred, Hrafnagud Kindred. It is deeply gratifying to me to see how our faith, represented in true fashion only by the AFA, has grown both locally here, and nationally/worldwide. I look forward to greater victories in the future.

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