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Folkbuilder Cormag Jaime Àlainn


North Dakota

My name is Cormag Jaime Àlainn, most people call me Jaime.


I grew up in Texas with a southern Baptist family, but never agreed with that. I spent most of my early years as an atheist of sorts, having very unusual beliefs but no idea what to call them. I found Asatru when I woke up one day and immediately had an urge to learn what the Norse worshipped, a subject I had never had any interest in. I read about Odin and the Aesir and it was exactly what I'd already come to believe on my own, I just had names now. Within a week I was dedicated to the Aesir.


I spent years alone in my faith before I moved to South America and had my beliefs tested. I then moved back to the states where I found myself in my current home in North Dakota, right on the border with Minnesota. I found and joined the AFA here coincidently right about the time Baldrshof was acquired and it has been a great honour to serve there since.


I was offered the opportunity to apprentice as a Folkbuilder and accepted, later taking my Oath in 2022. Serving our Folk means a great deal to me. I believe in the community we are building being an essential step forward for the spiritual advancement of our Folk and that the legacy we are establishing will be the greatest gift we could give our descendants.


I now also serve as Hof Historian for Baldrshof, as well as being a proud founding member of the True North Folk Kindred.

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